Ethan Young


Ethan Young discusses the House of Un-American Activities in Chicago, his father Quentin Young and Chicago Politics, the 1968 Democratic Convention protests. Ethan also discusses current leftist politics and his article in Indypendent, and his wife Mary Dore's film, She's Beautiful When She's Angry. He writes for

Dick Simpson


Dick Simpson is a long-time activist professor of political science at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a former Chicago alderman. An expert on Chicago politics, political reform, and elections in general, he has published widely and affected public policy.

Jamie Kalven


Jamie Kalven, of the Invisible Institute, is a writer and a human rights activist. His work has been appeared in a variety of publications. In recent years he has reported extensively on patterns of police abuse in Chicago.  Jamie discusses the Laquan McDonald killing, and being subpeoned as a witness in the murder trial of Officer Jason Van Dyke. 

Bill Paige


Bill Paige is the author of the book Everything I Know I Learned From Rock Stars reveals decades of music reporting and candid conversations with 50 influential artists including Roy Orbison, Queen, Electric Light Orchestra, Grace Slick, Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, The Go-Go’s, Van Halen, Joe Jackson, Genesis, Boy George, Journey, Sparks, Cheap Trick, Adrian Belew, Nils Lofgren, B.B. King, and Robyn Hitchcock. These encounters are framed by memorable stories and anecdotes from both sides of the concert stage. Raw and real, Everything I Know I Learned From Rock Stars is a captivating personal time capsule guaranteed to fire the imagination of any music fan.  Bill is a former Texas rancher who is about to spend the next year living in Thailand.

1/6/17 Host Talk

MichaelKatyThom (1).jpg

Hosts talk weather, Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Kennedy's statement that Rahm Emmanuel is pushing black people out of the city, urban renewal/poor people removal, importance of voting in the gubernatorial race, Christmas tree recycling, Trump reinstatement of off-shore drilling, assaults on the environment, defending net neutrality, and more.

Nicholas Barron


Nicholas Barron is a blues musician, songwriter, artist, and member of the Strapping Owls, who are an energetic trio known for melding influence and improvisation into soulful original music, raucuos interpretations of traditional tunes, and inspired, spontaneously composed jams.

Mick Dumke and Rummana Hussain


Mick Dumke is a reporter for Pro Publica Illinois. Rummana Hussain is Assistant Metro Editor for the Chicago Sun-Times.

Mick and Rummana discuss the #MeToo movement and the increased focus on sexual harassment and how it will change public and private discussions, the Democratic Senate victory over Roy Moore, and women running for political positions and the women's march. They also discuss how the politics of crime fighting will play out, Rahm Emmanuel, Chicago Police Department civil rights abuses, Kim Foxx's reforms, cash bail, quicker post-arrest access to defense attorneys, exonerations, and other topics.

Warren Leming and Kurt Jacobsen


Warren Leming has had a long career in cabaret, documentary video, music and theatre. He’s been called "Chicago's Radical Renaissance Man" by the Chicago Reader. 

Kurt Jacobsen is a research associate in the Program on International Politics, Economics and Security in the Department of Political Science at the University of Chicago and the book review editor at Logos: A Journal of Modern Society & Culture