July 14, 2018

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Kelly Cassidy

Illinois State Representative

Kelly Cassidy speaks about how Illinois' budget was passed on May 31st. She talks about how on her off-time and how she uses her time for research on new bills, meeting with constituents that you haven't been able to meet in the last 6 months. She is going to be organizing a cultivation center for the north suburbs. She speaks about Michael Madigan's scandal and the future of the governor's race. 

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Tom Michael

GM Boise Public Radio

Today Tom talks about his experience as not only the GM Boise Public Radio, but also how he started his own much needed public radio in rural Martha, Texas. He speaks how there was not a public radio for that region and the impacts on the communities after the public radio was set in place. Covering topics anywhere from traffic to oil to immigration issues and much more!


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Dan Mcneil


Dan talks about his experience working at Family Matters Organization (FM) out in Roger's Park working as the Director of the Teen Boy's Program. He performs a poem that sets up the documentary that the Teen Boys did at FM recently. McNeal also talks about his drums and his drumming experience throughout the years.