May 26, 2018



Activist Commentator, 68' and Today

Katz is the founder and president of MK Communication, Inc. whose work in media and in public policy formed the basis for the firm's creation. Trained as a sociologist, in Ms. Kats has followed a dual track career. In the 1970's, Ms. Katz relocation in California where she pursued her dual interests in media and public policy. 




Glenwood Avenue Market Sustainability Director

The Glenwood Avenue Market is a program of Rogers Park Business Alliance. Their mission is to make sustainable, regionally produced foods available to the Rogers Park community. Moratto has more than 30 years of non-profit management experience, from private school administrator to the Glenwood Avenue Market Director, loves to bring people together for great causes.  

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Film Director, Chosen

Set within the Corpus Christi Monastery in Rockford, Illinois, Chosen (Custody of the Eyes) forms an intimate portrait of Heather*, a former blogger and painter confronting what she believes is her calling: Becoming a cloistered contemplative nun in one of the strictest religious orders. 


Diamond Gant

Young Techie for Live From the Heartland 

Our very own Diamond Gant gives a music video critique of Donald Glovers, "This is America" off of his 2018 album. The music video was directed by Japanese- American filmmaker Hiro Murai. Click on the video button to view the music video!