July 28, 2018

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                    Andrew Friend & Wayne Heimbach

The Labor Express & Labor Beat Host & Producers

Labor Beat is an independent rank-and-file labor media organization. We tell the untold stories of the working class.

Our productions document many issues of importance to workers -- issues usually ignored or distorted by the corporate media, including 'public' broadcasting. Labor Beat advocates the development of new media with a rank-and-file workers' viewpoint.

Labor Beat's TV episodes are available on the website player. Additionally, all shows are also available for purchase in the website store. Each DVD episode runtime is approximately 28 minutes.


Jeff Biggers

Author: Resistance, An American Tradition

To make the case for resistance in the age of Trump, Biggers (The United States of Appalachia) traces U.S. opposition movements from pre-Revolutionary times to the present, drawing parallels between the tumultuous present and the early days of the Republic. Well-informed and often witty, Biggers covers the resistance movements—and their many, often unsung heroes—of Native Americans, African-Americans, immigrants, and those fighting for women’s rights and environmental justice.