September 8, 2018

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Charles thomas

Former ABC Reporter, Chicago Drum Project

Thomas speaks with host Michael and Thom about the recent new on Chicago's mayor race. About Rahm backing out and who the potential next candidate would be. and much more  After being a reporter for 25 years at ABC, he now has his own project called The Chicago Drum Project. Uplifting the voices of those on the margin. Check out the interesting engaging conversation they have!


Brian ashby

Film Producer and Editor

Brian Ashby studied international relations at the University of Chicago and now makes independent films about social issues that regard our political climate. His last film, The Area documents how a multi-billion dollar freight company displaced more than 400 African American families for a parking lot they built. The film follows Deborah Payne one of the homeowners, now an activist.



Michael Mccarty

Storyteller & Black Panther activist

McCarty shares his experiences as a storyteller. How he got kicked out of Saint Ignatius High School and how it guided him to be a storyteller.  He speaks about his experiences of teaching in storytelling, particularly in prisons in California where some of the inmates are what they call lifers. Those who are in prison for life, helping them find their voice. He also speaks about a new documentary film about his life called, Belonging in the USA. The release is at the Echo Park Film Center, check out the link below for more information.