Bob Lawson

bob lawson.jpg

Bob Lawson is a labor organizer.

Bob Black


Bob Black is an acclaimed photographer.

Neoteric Nutra

Brian Troch and Jenny Franck discuss their product, CBD Oil Neoteric Nutra.

Nick Sanders


Nick Sanders discusses the Remy Bumppo Theater.

Joseph Morganfield


Joseph Morganfield is a blues singer and the youngest son of Muddy Waters.

Anne Whelan

Anne Whelen discusses the Loyola Dunes restoration.

Host Talk 5/5/2018


Wouldn’t one love to have Guilliani as one’s attorney? Cheeto Head signs religious prefernce ex order on Nat’l Prayer Day, after hush payment disclosures: the continued normalization of abnormal behavior…and folks have problem w Michelle Wolf speaking truth…?

Hassan El Tayyab


Hassan El Tayyab is the policy and organizing director of the not for profit group Chicago Area Peace Action. He discusses his activism as well as his music career as frontperson of American Nomad.